Cool Off With Taiwanese Shaved Ice at Snow Café

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Snow Café in Ellicott City is a local neighborhood spot specializing in Taiwan-inspired snow ice. This refreshing dessert is made with thinly shaved ice infused with flavors and added toppings.

Order the Ultimate Mango Snow Ice for a delicious combination of creamy ice, mango syrup, and fresh mango slices. If coffee is your thing, they also have Coffee Snow Ice topped with coffee-flavored jelly, crunchy cereal flakes, banana slices, and mocha syrup. Snow Café also offers a variety of waffles, served all day, plus sandwiches and smoothies. Regulars love their simple Grilled Cheese Sandwich filled with melted Cheddar cheese, American cheese, and Muenster cheese.

The café is casual and charming with large chalkboard walls displaying a handwritten menu. The space is comfortable and large with plenty of options for seating both indoor and outdoors. Snow Café is open daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, and parking is easily accessible in their lot out front.

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