Savor Peruvian Fare at Lima’s Chicken

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When Lima's Chicken first opened in 2013, its aim was simple: to introduce Bowie eaters to Peruvian cuisine, particularly Peruvian chicken. In the years since, the menu has continuously grown to include many other Latin American dishes. So whether you want to try the traditional Peruvian chicken, ceviche, or lomo saltado, you'll get the opportunity to do so at Lima's Chicken.

The eatery's signature chicken is seared on a flame-licked rotisserie and served with your choice of sauce. The white and yellow sauce both get shout-outs from customers, so take your pick. You can order the chicken over a rice bowl with Latin American sides or try an inventive dish that incorporates the chicken, like the chicken gyro. In addition to the signature dish, the eatery also offers up items like fish ceviche, fish tacos, and shrimp with black beans and rice.

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