Enjoy Kenyan-Style Samosas at Samosa Supreme

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Samosas are traditional Indian or African street food appetizers consisting of a crisp triangle of dough stuffed with a variety of different fillings. If you’ve never had a samosa, you’re in for a treat — especially when you have one at Samosa Supreme. 

The samosas here are the Kenyan style, and are stuffed with beef, chicken, or vegetable in a delicate pastry shell. They also serve sweet samosas with fruit and cream cheese filling as a decadent dessert. Make a meal of your samosa with a side and a drink, or pick up a box to take home and crisp up in the oven. They’re great to have on hand for game day, when visitors pop in, or when you just need something on the go that’s delicious and satisfying. 

Samosa Supreme is open Thursday through Sunday.

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