Enjoy Asian Fusion Fare and Live Music at Blue Sunday Bar & Grill

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Asian fusion? Kind of. Blue Sunday Bar & Grill has a menu full of sushi, teriyaki, and other Asian specialties, along with a sprinkling of some All-American favorites. 

Maryland crab soup sits right alongside the miso soup on the menu, and there is a whole section of entrees like rack of lamb and New York strip steak above General Tso’s chicken and Hunan style beef. Blue Sunday Bar & Grill is just the spot if you have a crowd that can’t decide on what to have for dinner. And while the menu might be a juxtaposition of a variety of cuisine, the décor and ambiance in the restaurant is completely streamlined. Expect a cool, lounge-type setting with upscale finishes and modern touches, plus plenty of room for live music several nights a week. 

Connect with Blue Sunday Bar & Grill on Facebook for an up to date schedule on the bands, or for a sneak peek at the diverse menu.

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