Find Peruvian Specialties at Lima’s Chicken

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Lima might make you think of the Incan Trail or Machu Picchu, but what you really should be thinking about is the chicken. Peruvian-style roasted chicken is known for being juicy and flavorful, and the original place to get it in Bowie is at Lima’s Chicken

Choose from quarter, half, or whole birds served with traditional sides, or combo meals with everything you need to feed a family. But the Peruvian specialties don’t stop there. Enjoy that perfectly roasted meat in salads, tacos, or burritos, or indulge in one of their other authentic dishes like carne asada, lomo saltado, or ceviche de pescado. Lima’s Chicken has five restaurants in Maryland, with the nearby Bowie location in Collington Plaza. If the evening calls for fast food, Lima’s Chicken is just as speedy as other takeout spots, but with meals that are a bit more exciting. Feed the whole family on a budget and even have enough left over for lunch tomorrow when you order from Lima’s Chicken. 

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